• We look for high quality, brand­-name pieces that are unique, current (within last 5 years) and very gently loved. We accept women’s clothing, handbags, shoes, hats, jewelry and scarves.
  • Consignments are accepted Tuesday through Saturday by appointment.
  • There is no limit on the number of items we will review for selection or consign. Our selection is based on what is current, what our customers demand and our inventory levels.
  • We accept merchandise based on season.
    • Jan­-April: Spring | April­-July: Summer
    •  July­-Sept: Fall | Oct­Dec: Winter
  • Designer items will be considered year round regardless of season.
  • No hangers please. All clothing must be freshly laundered, odor free, from a smoke free home and neatly folded in shopping bags. Please do not bring us items with stains, broken zippers, holes, smells, etc.
  • There is a $5.00 initial fee to set up an account which gives you access to our online system for tracking sales. This amount will be taken out of your sales.
  • Selection, pricing, discounts and promotions are at the discretion of the store.
  • Items remain on consignment for 60 days. Unsold items can be picked up within one week of the expiration date. You are responsible for keeping track of these dates. We will not call, email or send a reminder. Items not collected become the property of Zelda Zonk Consignment to continue to sell or to donate.
  • Consignors are responsible for collecting unsold items from the sales floor. There is no fee for collecting your own items. If you prefer our store to have your items ready for pick up, we can do so for a $5 service fee with 24 hours notice.
  • Claiming items more than 2 weeks prior to the consignment expiration date may incur a $10 charge.
  • Zelda Zonk Consignment will use great care but is not responsible for consigned items in the case of theft, fire, loss or damage. Items left at Zelda Zonk are left at the risk of the consignor.
  • Items found to have spots, stains or other damage that was missed on initial intake will be donated. We will only contact the consignor if the value is more than $50.

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